Senior Web Developer for Hire

  • Connector.

    20+ Years Experience

    Experience matters. Web development is extremely complex and continually evolves at lightning speed. Experience means getting things done right the first time while highly mitigating the risk for major project derailments.

  • Connector.

    Communication is Everything

    I strive to ensure my clients are happy throughout the entire development process. You should always now exactly where I’m at in each milestone

Skills Overview, C#, MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework
Javascript / jQuery / Angular
DotNetNuke (DNN)
Drupal (PHP, MySQL)
Design Skills (UI, UX, HTML, CSS)

About Me

20+ years working experience as a Web Architect and Senior Web Developer. Successful delivery of dozens of small to large projects (over $2M) on time and on budget while under pressure.

Extensive experience architecting and implementing custom SaaS based solutions for fortune 500 clients, custom websites, B2B portals, Intranets, various custom business web applications, and promotional websites with prize giveaways of up to 1 million dollars. Extensive experience running high traffic sites and utilizing cloud computing to quickly scale up website capacity.

My peers would describe me as an someone who is passionate and loves his work, someone who enjoys working in a team and puts the needs of the team and project above his own, someone who thrives off of accomplishment and challenge and someone who takes a great deal of pride in his work. I received two consecutive “Performance Excellence Awards” (awarded to only 2% of the organization) during my last two years at Black & Decker and I have continually been considered as an “A player” by my managers and peers throughout my career.

Web development is my profession and a hobby. I spend much of my free time researching and exploring current industry trends and latest technologies and thoroughly enjoy learning new things. I have also built a few web-based businesses on my own over the years.


Web Tech & Tools

    • Net MVC Core
    • C# / VB.Net / C++ / C
    • Angular 1.4-2.x
    • AJAX / JSON / JQuery / Javascript
    • Bootstrap UI
    • Entity Framework / nHibernate
    • TDD / Castle Windsor / Moq / NUnit
    • Amazon EC2/CloudFront/S3/Azure
    • Telerik/Infragistics

Content Management Systems

  • DotNetNuke
  • Umbraco
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • N2 CMS
  • Orchard
  • Sense.Net
  • Sitefinity
  • Sharepoint

Database Systems

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • RavenDB
  • Neo4j
  • MariaDB
  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB


Please click here for my online resume or use one of the links below to download the Word and PDF version.

Download Resume (PDF)
Download Resume (Word)


I’m seeking a remote contract position where my experience and passion for web technologies can help bring your project to life.

I live in California (PST) time zone and have both PC and Mac development environments. I have reliable high speed cable internet service.

I’m available during normal business hours via phone, Skype and email. Please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your project.